Marketing Strategy

Social media

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram is another way to promote my website. Contents and posts on these platforms builds audiences that will increase traffic to my website.

Behance and Linkedin are two social medias platforms I will be posting more contents to promote my website. I’m considering to use Instagram to build audiences for my upcoming online store.

Directing your audiences to my social media accounts is also important. It generates traffic between different social media accounts and potentially build more audiences to these accounts. I included social media links in the footer to make sure users can access it easily.



  • if SEO is done well, a website is more easily found in search engines such as Google.
  • It’s important to create a website that accurately represents you or your business. Not just visually but also in terms of website structure.
  • User friendliness is also another factor I have considered in my design. I removed design elements that add complexity or are not needed.
  • Being fast and mobile friendly – this is important as most people use their phone to browse online. Testing and optimising the experience on mobile is essential.
  • Writing contents that your target audiences want to read and use keywords on every page to increase discoverability.
  • Optimise the keywords in posts and page titles. For example my post urls are not numbers but are keywords.



Paid advertisement is another strategy to improve the exposure of my website once I have set up my online shop. Google ad words and social media ads are two most suitable methods for my purpose – promoting my product and services. As with any other marketing strategy, paid advertisement is content and target centric. The age group I target are young people between the ages of 20-35. I will be using a variety of images that attracts young audiences.

Continuous Developments and Updates

It is important to keep my website up-to-date. I will be updating the contents as well as the plugins and themes for my site. I will also be monitoring, analysing and improving my website every month, especially after I set up a shop to help me achieve more traffic and or buyers.

my attempt at making SEO better
My attempts at making SEO better...

Angela Xinyi Zhou

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