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WordPress plugins are tools that extend the functions of your theme and your website. In this articel I’ll be sharing with you the plugins I have used to build my site. I have a total of 7 essential plugins for this website and 6 plugins I used as tools.





Elementor is an easy drag and drop plug-in that allows you to customise your blogs, posts, portfolios and even build the entire website using it. It has lots of features such as sliders, photo galleries, and more. I mainly use it to edit post and portfolio contents.


Yeost SEO

Yeost SEO is a plugin that improves your website’s ranking on search engines such as google search results. It analyses the content of your site and provides a list of feedback for you to improve your site. I’ve used it to modify my keyword phrase, google preview and greatly improved the readability of my site.


Analysis – Google analytics

Google analytics is a another essential plug-in for your website, it provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website. I used google analytics to interpret and optimise my website’s performance.


Security – Wordfence

Wordfence is a great security plugin, the free version provides a standard scan to find malware and allows you to set a 2 factor log-in. My site got “hacked” 2 years ago, someone else was spamming rubbish posts online using my website. I’ve set up a 2 factor log-in and continued to monitor log-in devices and its locations to make sure it was me. The good thing is you can also set 2 factor log-in for all levels of moderators and even your subscribers.


Back up – Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus allows you to back up all of your site in a click. For the free version you will be able to back up your site to a chosen area such as your Google drive. I back up my site very 7 days, just in-case I made fatal changes or the site gets hacked.


Wordfence - standard scan (I've resolved issues since)

Theme recommended:

Stockholm core

Stockholm is the theme I am using for this website, it is a multi-purpose theme and I chose it because it is also shop compatible. Stockholm core is a plugin is essential for it to function properly.


Slider Revolution: Interactive slider templates

LayerSlider WP: Interactive slider templates

Contact form 7: a form widget I used in my contacts page

QI addon for Elementor: 60+ custom and fully flexible Elementor widgets developed Qode Interactive which also developed the Stockholm theme. 

Slider Revolution - I used it to customise my home page
All my plugins

Angela Xinyi Zhou

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