China Cultural Centre is an event and exhibition organiser aimed to facilitate cultural exchange and provides a hub for people interested in Chinese culture. The Australian and Chinese Women Artists Exhibition series was specially created to celebrate Women’s day in March since 2020.


Graphic Design


Poster design, Exhibition design, Catalogue, Print, Digital

In these projects, I was responsible for: 

  1. Visual design
  2. Catalogue layout design
  3. Printing 

All three exhibitions were curated by Nicholas Tsoutas, the former Artistic Director of Casula Powerhouse. All WHOSE STORY IS THIS?…anyway! begins the series with stories from both Australian-Chinese artists and Australian artists. AIR WATER LOVE explores the relationship between human and nature, bring awareness to our environmental issues. MATERIAL GIRRRL features  digital works from Chinese youth artists in China and sculptural works from Australian artists. This exhibition examines the materiality and the stories behind these materials in contemporary art. 

WHOSE STORY IS THIS?...anyway! 2020

I chose green to represent Australian and pink to represent China. Yellow is a shared colour between Australia and China. 

We wanted this exhibition to stand out as it carried bold messages about our environment. In this poster, the green represents nature and pink represents the voice of the female artists. 

Material girl translated into Chinese meant only “gold digger”. Our colleague suggested the Chinese idiom 万物生辉, meaning “all can shine”, whether it’s digital or physical, whether it’s composed of 0s and 1s or atoms.

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